Bible Studies & Door Knocking ♡

This week, a few people in Whittier received their first Bible Study- ever. They were BLOWN AWAY as we looked at Daniel Ch2, the study of the king’s image and the validity of the Bible. It was a precious thing being able to help and guide someone who didn’t know how to find passages in the Bible, but couldn’t wait to get there. That was once me, and being now on the other side I see what a privilege it is to have been introduced to God, yet it’s humbling at the same time, motivating me to share even more with these eager souls. People are hungry, the harvest is truly ripe here in Whittier therefore the studies continue! ♡

This Friday, I met 23 year old Amber who works at Corner Bakery. As soon as I handed her the Evangelistic Series flyer titled “Restoration” and told her about it, she looked me straight in the eye and said, “You came at just the perfect time, God knows I’ve recently been wanting to walk with him again because l’ve kind of been running away lately.” Amber and her boyfriend realized how they haven’t been to church together and concluded they want to start going. She signed up for personal Bible Studies and said, “Wow, God answered my prayer before I even prayed it!” Hallelujah! Gaining young blood for Jesus in Whittier, CA ♡ \\ The seeds have been planted, now to trust God to do the watering.


qualified witnessing

witnessing #1:

to bear witness to; testify to; give or afford evidence of (

Gabi and I arrived in Whittier, CA with the intention of witnessing.  Giving evidence of the existence of a loving God, and to share truths about him from the Bible.  Pondering this goal we wondered what qualifies us to witness here in Whittier.  Considering how precious each individual in this city is to God, we feel so inadequate for the job.  However; there is a second definition of the term witnessing.

witnessing #2:

to see, hear, or know by personal presence and perception (

We realize that the only thing qualifying us for “witnessing” is “witnessing.”  As we experience God each day, seeing him in the Bible, hearing him in prayer, and knowing him in the experiences of daily life, then we can testify of how wonderful this God is and call others to daily witness him as well.  That is our desire during the three months we will be spending in Whittier, we encourage you, reader, to do the same.